Acorn CLE-215

Maximize hash rate to power ratio

Acorn is the first-ever cryptocurrency mining accelerator card. By using best-in-class Xilinx FPGA chips in an M.2 slot, Acorn CLE-215 does everything the CLE-101 does while providing a boost to core-intensive mining using more than double the FPGA logic. Acorn CLE-215 makes mining algorithms like X16r and Lyra2REv2 on GPUs more efficient.

Works with Algorithms

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Efficiently mine core-intensive coins

The best hardware is required to effectively mine core-intensive algorithms like Lyra2REv2 and X16r. Top-of-the-line graphics cards work well, but they’re still not optimized for certain tasks in the algorithm chain. They create bottlenecks in the hashing pipeline, and that means they mine at a much lower effective hash rate. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

Acorn offloads and performs the tasks GPUs don’t excel at – and performs those tasks much faster.

Acorn CLE-215 works with high-end GPUs to efficiently minimize bottlenecks, and it can dual mine coins to maximize your profitability.

What does it all mean?

You can mine Lyra2REv2 and X16r coins like Verge, Ravencoin, Monacoin and Vertcoin better by adding Acorn CLE-215 to your mining rigs.



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